After many years of working in-person, we’ve realized that clients love the convenience of virtual visits, so we’ve decided to transform our functional medicine practice from in-person to completely virtual. We use a HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform which allows for the consultation to happen in the comfort of your home.

After booking an appointment via our website, you will receive a functional medicine intake form which we would like you to complete in its entirety and return to our office prior to meeting with our provider. 

The visit usually lasts between 75-90 minutes. During the visit, the provider asks specific questions about your health history, reviews the intake form with you, listens attentively to try to connect the dots of your health puzzle. Towards the end of the initial visit, your provider and you will come up with a plan which may include some labs and supplements. The labs may include conventional medicine labs, functional medicine labs or a combination of both. Functional medicine labs are usually shipped to your house and conventional medicine labs are usually ordered for you to be done at a Quest Diagnostics Lab near you.

Once we get the lab results back (if ordered), we are able to build you a more personalized plan targeted towards your healing. Our provider may schedule a complimentary call back with you or may ask that you schedule a follow up appointment depending on the complexity of your lab results.

The goal is to bring your body back to balance and optimal function. The longer you’ve been in imbalance, the longer it takes to get you feeling better, it can take 1-2 years depending on the complexity of your dysfunctions. The more work you are willing to put in, the faster you will feel better.

“A seed will not grow into a tree overnight”.